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03/18/2005: "The Amazing Race report"

I haven't mentioned this on my blog yet but my brother and I have been commenting on the new season of the TV show "The Amazing Race". You can see the comentary here>. Make sure to click the link on each team's name under Brian's commentary to see each team's commentary for the entire season. As a part of that commentary we rank the teams.

The reason I'm blogging it today is for me to publish some statistics. I haven't calculated this yet, so this is not a case of bragging (since I could be losing to my brother) but for the rest of the season I'm going to track four numbers statistically:

1. Week Ranking stability: formula = sum of team's ranking change that week/number of teams remaining.
My goal is less than 1.
Note: Eliminated team is not included.
2. Season Ranking stability: formula = sum of week rankings/number of weeks.
My goal is less than 1
3. Philimination accuracy: formula = (sum of (previous week ranking - actual Philimination place)) / number of Philiminations.
My goal is less than 3
4. Skill score: season stability * Philimination accuracy
My goal is less than 3
OK so here are the numbers:

Ranking stability week #1: Ken 1.81 Briain 1.27
Ranking stability week #2: Ken 1.20 Brian 2.20
Ranking stability week #3: Ken 1.00 Brian 2.00

Season ranking stability: Ken 1.34 Brian 1.82

Philimination accuracy: Ken 4.00 Brian 3.00

Skill score: Ken 5.36 Brian 5.46

So, while I'm not quite living up to my goals yet (elimination by it's very nature will get more accurate as it goes, so I'm not too far off), I feel like I'm honing in on the ordering I want and will improve as the weeks go on. It is interesting to note that while I have lower stability numbers, Brian has better predicted the exit order and hence we have fairly equal Skill scores.

Tune in next week for updated statistics.

Replies: 2 Comments

Ken Crawford :

OK, calm down there pal. If you indeed stick with your picks and keep Uchenna and Joyce in 1st and they win, you're score will reflect that unwavering support. It's still early in the game and my 0.10 point lead isn't exactly insurmountable.

03.18.05 @ 11:44 AM PST

Ken's Brother :

Yeah the only REAL difference between the two of our "scores" as you'll put it is that I called Megan and Heidi intially the 10th, you called them 9th... beyond that we both lost our respective 4th and 8th seeds.
But it won't matter I called Uchenna and Joyce the winners this week, and they'll win thanks to my from now on unwavering support!

03.18.05 @ 11:38 AM PST [homepage]

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