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02/06/2004: "The Cannibal who couldn't be a killer!?!"

Every once and a while I read a story that just sends me into a near panic regarding the state of our western society. This article reviews some of the details of the case of Cannibalism where the murderer got off with Manslaughter because "I had my big kick and I don't need to do it again."

Yet as the article points out:
"Yet when he was arrested nine months after killing Brandes, it was because police were notified the supposedly satiated Meiwes had posted yet another message on the Internet seeking someone to kill and eat."

It feels that just like with Gay marriage, we're on the path to saying: If two concentual adults want to have one of them kill the other so that they can eat them, why should that be against the law?

May this man see the sinfulness of his ways and turn to God and his everlasting mercy and forgiveness. May all of society see how deeply it needs to turn to God and repent. May God have mercy on us all!


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