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02/12/2004: "Is Kerry an Adulterer?"

This article from the Drudge Report is reporting that Presidential hopeful John Kerry has been hiding a long time affair, even going to the extent to encouraging her to leave the country.

Very interesting. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Along these lines though, although I suspect it'll have a substantial effect on the Democratic Primaries, I have to say that I think far too much gets made of the persomal lives of our politicians. Not that I endorse adultery, but I'd rather have a human being in office that is passionate, has made mistakes and had repented than a drone who has spent their whole lives making sure they look squeeky clean. They spend so much time being squeeky clean they care more about not getting dirty than they do about doing the right thing. Said a different way, it's the difference between trying to do the right thing and trying not to do the wrong thing. It seems similar, but it's not.

I think that's what everyone didn't like about former governer Gray Davis. The man was so squeeky clean he could get down into mud slinging without getting a spot on his suit. The problem was that in the end, he couldn't inspire anyone. A leader who can't enspire, can't solve any problems.

Maybe that should be tomorrows Quote of the Day. blush


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