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02/23/2004: "Quote of the Day"

More of a story today:

A professor fills a glass jar with baseball size rocks and asks his class if the jar was full. About half the class said yes. The professor says, "No, it's not full!" and proceeds to pull out a bag of gravel and pours it into the jar. "Is it full now?" the professor asks. Again some say yes, some say no. "No, it's not full!" and pulls our a bag of sand and pours it into the jar. "Is it full now?" Now, although some are hesitant, most think it is full. "No it is not full!" repeats the professor as he pulls out a jug of water and fills the jar with water. "NOW it is full! What does this teach us?" Most said something about there always smaller holes that can be filled up.

"WRONG AGAIN!" The professor yells. "The lesson is that if you don't start with the biggest items, you'll never get it all in."

-Unknown professor speaking about time management, but very applicable to the tenets of our faith.


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