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03/02/2004: "Quote of the Day"

"Be kind to everyone you meet, for every person is fighting a great battle."

-A Church Father, likely Ephraim the Syrian

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Ken Crawford :

Hi Greg, I've stuggled with the language of that heading. I was trying to say in a few words the idea that not only was I a member of Roman Catholic Church from the Pope, down to my parish, but that I also participated in that Church. Or said another way, that I am an active member as opposed to a passive member.

I wasn't very happy with the wording either. Have a better idea?

03.04.04 @ 10:42 AM PST

GregK :

Sorry this isn't on the point of your post, but I'm curious why you say "The Church I participate in." That's an odd way of putting it. Is there some Larger Point to phrasing it that way?

03.03.04 @ 07:22 AM PST [homepage]


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