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03/16/2004: "Vatican seminars on a roll!"

Yet another good topic for our Church to be focused on: life support and brain deadness. See the Zenit article on the subject.

Originally when the Terri Schavo case errupted in Florida I was unsure what I thought. I knew that I believed that "advanced" life support like lung pumps and heart stimulators (or whatever their called) or other similar devices that their removal will result in the immediate death of the patient, were not morally required (although permissible). But I was unsure of the feeding tube.

Now having thought about it, prayed about it and listened to the cousil of The Church, I've come to believe that keeping a feeding tube from a person is just as unjust as letting a person die of starvation on the street. Inside both of those people there is a body that yearns for food and is unable to provide it for themselves. We are called as Christians to provide it for them.


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