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03/04/2004: "More Pope/Hitler garbage published"

Just when it feels like the tide is turning against anti-catholicism, another book is published criticizing the actions of Pope Pius XII in regards to the Nazi's and World War II. Here's an interview on zenit in regards to it.

I've read a very good book on the subject called 'Hitler, the War, and the Pope' by Ronald J. Rychlak. It is an EXTREMELY detailed account of all the actions of the pope during the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. After reading the book, I'm fully convinced that The Catholic Church's actions in World War II are something that we Catholics should be proud of. We stood up to evil and did everything in our power to prevent it. I forget the exact number but it was in the order of millions of Jews were saved from concentration camps explicitely because of the actions of Pope Pius XII and the Vatican.

What is particularly bothersome to me is that all of this criticism is being heaped on the Catholic Church, but I don't ever hear anyone criticizing the German Lutheran church or any of the other churches who could just as easily be criticized of sitting idly. What did they do to prevent it? While there were noble men of every faith who fought Nazi Germany, the Catholic Church's actions were more substantial than any other church. So why pick on The Catholic Church?

Because it isn't considered prejudice. Anti-Catholicism: the last allowable bigotry.

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Ken Crawford :

Definitely agree on the Muslim part, particularly in the "post 9/11" world. It's in most cases worse than the anti-Catholic bigotry and they deserve our prayers!

I'm not so sure on the Jewish one though. Sure, there are plenty of anti-Semites out there, but there are plenty or racists as well (unfortunately). The thing is that "society" is fairly critical of those who come out as anti-Semites. "The Passion" movie is a fairly good example of how "society" thankfully has come around to be sensitive to Jewish issues and to well publicize when Jews feel they are being discriminated against.

Or am I just ignorant? I hope not. Have some good examples?

That said, I'm sure that the underlying bigotry that Jews receive is probably worse than what we receive as Catholics.

Thanks for keeping me honest! It is easy for us to notice our own plight and forget to acknowledge the plight of others.

03.08.04 @ 03:52 PM PST

Thomas O'Neill :

Having talked with several Jewish and Muslim friends, as well as reading several articles with prejudice views, I think you would also need to include these two faiths as large targets.

Some what related, Steve Davis sent me an article from a liberal jewish Rabbi, which I thought was very interesting, regarding the anti-semitism he felt was present in The Passion. Here is the link if you haven't seen it.

03.08.04 @ 02:26 PM PST


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