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03/26/2004: "One of the many reasons I love the Catholic Church"

Ever since I became Catholic, I keep finding new reasons why I love being a member of The Church. This article about how The Church is encouraging and helping doctors and scientists find cures for sterility only strengthens that love for me.

We're a Church of doers. If there is a problem in the world, we don't just complain about it. We don't just set rules and limit people as is the charge so often about religion. No, we have compassion for those who are in need. As an example, for those who are struggling with having an abortion, we provide both pre-natal and post-natal care to help them through a difficult time and to do it without resorting to abortion.

Now we've added to the already EXTREMELY LONG list of all that we do, helping those who struggle with sterility. For those who are considering going to immoral lengths to try and have a baby, we don't just tell them, "tough! deal with it." No, we reach out and do everything we can to help them without compromising the truth.

I love the Catholic Church!


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