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07/13/2004: "Daily Reflection on Scripture"

When I first heard today's Gospel from the pulpit, it made me think of how important it was to follow God's commands. But as I read it to make today's reflection, an interesting thought crossed my mind: what if some see this as a justification to behave poorly?

We haven't been given the blessing that Capernaum was given of Jesus's presence. We haven't seen him perform miracles like they did. Sodom, the worst of all places, will receive some comfort on judgement day (more so than Capernaum it seems), so won't we, even if we don't live up to His commandments (like Sodom)?

Of course this is just non-sense. We all will be held accountable for our actions. But it just brought to mind how scripture without context, without prayer, without guidance, can often lead us down errant paths.

May each day be an opportunity to open up scripture prayerfully and discern God's word in it through the guidance of His Church.


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