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04/01/2005: "Updated list of Myths"

I'm still working on this article, "The greatest myths polularized in the 20th century". I haven't got to where I've narrowed it down to the final 5. But I've added a few more items so I thought I'd republish the list:

1. Privileges are the same as rights
2. Past errors by groups mean they're always wrong
3. No state established religion means separation of Church and State
4. Equal protection means you can't make distintions
5. Sex is not associated to procreation
6. Quality of life is all that matters
7. Money facilitates happiness (this may transcend the 20th century)
8. Overpopulation is a big problem/it is immoral to have a lot of children
9. Being charatable/reconcilitory requires compromising your beliefs
10. The government is the source of our rights
11. Religous tolerance is incompatible with religious zeal
12. Men and women are identical
13. If it doesn't affect me it is acceptable for others to do it.

Which of these do you guys think are the 5 greatest myths of our time?

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Paul :

The Five Greatest Myths. Hmmm.

In order ...

1. Sex is not associated to procreation.
2. Men and women are identical.
3. If it doesn't affect me it is acceptable for others to do it.
4. No state established religion means separation of Church and State. (I think this one could use a little better wording)
5. Equal protection means you can't make distinctions.


04.01.05 @ 04:45 PM PST

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