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04/12/2005: "Busted a gut!"

You ever have one of those laughs when it takes all you can to contain yourself and you still fail. If you haven't and you're a man who's ever had an at-home maintenance emergency which you failed miserably at handling, you need to read Dale Price's horrific experience this past weekend.

Don't worry Dale, we're not laughing at you. It's the laugh of a very deep empathy. We know what it is like to have all hell break loose and inadvertently drop a "2 megaton F-bomb". We know what it is like to realize that it would have been nice to respond to inquiries from our children with a "gentle admonishment" to go play instead of unleasing "Roaring Dad". Or what it is like to have a repair man respond to an emergency with a 'when we get around to it' answer that brings out a response like "MY HEAD'S STILL ON MY TORSO, SO TAKE YOUR FRICKING TIME!"

We know it all too well Dale and all we can do is laugh uncontrollably to prevent ourselves from crying.

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