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04/12/2005: "My e-mail to the EBay seller of the Eucharist"

I don't know if it'll make any difference, but I had to try. I tried to write it with the Catholic Church as a third party so as to hopefully communicate that this was a bigger than just what Catholics believe. I pray that he just reads it. Maybe someday in his life it will have an impact. Here is the text of the message I sent:

I'm not going to tell you that you're going to hell for selling the Eucharist, so please don't delete this message. What I would like you to consider is how important the Eucharist is to Catholics and how much it hurts them for you to first partake of the Eucharist when you are not Catholic and then to take a second wafer for a souvenir to eventually sell, something that even Catholics are not allowed to do.

Irrelevant of whether you are Catholic, it is very disrespectful to desecrate what they consider to be God Himself by selling it. I believe that it is important that we are all respectful of each other's faith and it is inappropriate to desecrate the sacred of anyone's faith. It is no more appropriate for anyone, no matter what faith they belong to, to desecrate Catholic Eucharist as for a Catholic to desecrate a Buhdist shrine.

That's all I'm writing to ask: that you be more respectful of sacred religious articles of all faiths in the future.

Thank you.

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